DPO Plate


BP-DPO-25-S-L 25° Ø2,7 mm Left Davier
BP-DPO-25-S-R Right
BP-DPO-25-M-L 25° Ø3,5 mm Left
BP-DPO-25-M-R Right
BP-DPO-30-M-L 30° Left
BP-DPO-30-M-R Right
BP-DPO-30-L-L 30° Ø4,5 mm Left
BP-DPO-30-L-R Right

More details

Plate made out of 316L / ISO 5832-1 stainless steel.

The work-hardened material provides great resistance, necessary for the primary efforts of surgery.

The fibers of the material are kept longitudinally during machining, which ensures flexibility in rotation.

Holes with multiple and opposite orientations provide a high pull out strength.

Three screw sizes (Ø2,7; Ø3,5 and Ø4,5 mm) and two angles (25° and 30°) cover well the different canine anatomies.

Highly-polished and passive surface, for an antibacterial effect.

Composition Stainless Steel 316L / ISO 5832-1
Finish Highly-polished
Sterile Yes

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